School funding keeps getting harder and harder to find. Once the academic part is taken care of, schools are left to their own devices, so to speak, to come up with funding for sports, music, art, and other extra curricular activities.Ottawa Hills High School football team found that they need extra money to support Football Camp, equipment and attire, so they came up with an "up-lifting" idea, a Lift-A-Thon.

Being held this Saturday, May 23 at 12:00pm, in the small gym at Ottawa Hills, they hope to raise enough funds to support what they need.

Prior to the lift-a-thon, students have lined up sponsors who will pay $.01, $.05, or $.10 per pound. At the lift-a-thon, each player will perform the bench press three times. The student’s best score will be the final rate. Sponsors will then pay the team the per pound rate times the student’s best lift. Sponsors may also pay a flat donation, if they wish.

Would you like to help? Donations may be made to any Ottawa Hills football player or the Ottawa Hills athletic office at 819-2879.

In addition to raising money, the event allows the student athletes to demonstrate the importance of off-season workouts. Spectators are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Ottawa Hills High School is located on 2055 Rosewood Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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