Seven year old Mackenzie Smith from Lansing wrote a book called "My New Normal". It's about her life during the pandemic. 

In the book, Mackenzie calls herself  "Kenzie ya girl." The book highlights many factors that have become part of our every day lives like hand-washing and mask-wearing. Mackenzie's parents explained to her the seriousness of the governor’s health mandates and COVID-19. She then wanted to share that information and her experience with everyone. Mackenzie told WOOD TV,

“The book is mostly about how coronavirus started to affect my life. And just how I want people to stay safe and follow the rules."

The book talks about online classes, Zoom calls and graduating from kindergarten during a pandemic. Mackenzie says that she is ready to go back to in person school though.

"I wanna go back to school every day, even on the weekends! I can’t wait to see all my friends! But no matter the place, my friends are always close to my heart.”

"My New Normal" is available on Amazon and sells for $9.98. The book is available on Kindle too.

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