I was online a few days ago and saw two stories back to back and just thought to myself, "Isn't the younger generation supposed to be making some progress here?"  Aren't they supposed to be smarter than we were?  Aren't they supposed to advanced as a generation and become better than we were?  Isn't each generation supposed to become more advanced?  If so, why are hate crimes still happening?  Why are they still on the rise?  Why are people still being judged on the way they look, the color of their skin, their religion, their ethnic background and beliefs, and their sexual orientation.  There is something very wrong in thinking that we all have to be alike, that we all have to think the same thoughts and believe the same things.

I really would have thought that by the year 2012 that we would have grown a bit more and really began to see what is important in a person.  Please be aware of how you think and why you think those thoughts.  It's not necessary to believe the same racist things your grandparents, or parents may have believed.  Try not to generalize people and put everyone into the same category based on something superficial.  Try to look at each person as an individual and connect with them on a personal basis instead of the color of their skin.  Isn't that the way you would hope that someone would look at you, and see all the differences that make you unique and special and one of a kind?

The first story in the New York Daily news shows racism is alive and well.

Unfortunately the second story in the New York Daily News echoes the same kind of racism in reverse.

Why did these two incidents happen?  All because of the color of ones skin...


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