Michigan State Police say two women were shot early Wednesday morning in Montcalm County. A suspect has been taken into police custody.

According to WOOD, there was a report of shots being fired around 2 a.m. at a house in Evergreen Township between Stanton and Sheridan near Ann and Janet streets.

Montcalm county is not usually an area where gunshots involve anything other than someone shooting a deer or some small game when in season or some target practice. The shooting of two women is something unheard of in that area of the state.

So far the Michigan State Police say one of the women is in critical condition but the other woman's injuries are not life threatening.

The person the police have in custody lives near the two women who were shot but does not appear to have a close relationship to either of the women.

The women both arrived to the home near Ann and Janet streets but the vehicle they came in is still missing. The vehicle is a 2000 light brown GMC pickup truck that has a driver side door that is a different color (possibly silver). There is no license plate on the vehicle but is a registered vehicle from Cedar Springs. The vehicle will have bullet holes in it with possible from or side window shot out. If you see this vehicle, don't approach the truck, simply contact the State Police at 989-352-8444.

There is no word if there is a second suspect on the loose or not but police did say there was no current threat to the public.

Currently police are still investigating the incident.

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