Grand Rapids is a city that takes time to adjust to, so if your friends want to move here, you better tell them ahead of time what they're in for...


  • Yelp! El Burrito Loco
    Yelp! El Burrito Loco

    You'll Never Be Able To Decide On One Favorite Mexican Restaurant

    With so many choices, from low priced fare like Maggie's Kitchen and Tacos El Cunado on the West Side to medium priced fare like Donkey Taqueria and El Burrito Loco on the East Side, you'll never be able to decide on just one place that has the best Mexican food, because every place is authentic and delicious.

  • Townsend park Trail Cannonsburg/Jojo Girard TSM
    Townsend park Trail Cannonsburg/Jojo Girard TSM

    You'll Be Forced To Get Outside And Move

    Sorry, kids, there is no sitting around being a couch potato in Grand Rapids. From kayaking or rowing down the Grand, to cycling one of the many rail trails to mountain biking at Cannonsburg to hiking the nearby North Country Trail or countless other trails, your friends are going to take you outside and make you move. You'll thank them later.

  • Jojo Girard/TSM
    Jojo Girard/TSM

    You'll Have To Drive A Half Hour To The Beach

    Some of Michigan's best beaches are nearby, but you'll have to drive to them. It may take you over 30 minutes! That's more than a half hour for a pure beach with unsalted water, plenty of room to play and big waves! And I've heard the sunsets are stunning, but man, if I gotta drive, why bother?

  • Matt Cardy, Getty Images
    Matt Cardy, Getty Images

    You'll Become A Beer Snob

    With our plethora of great craft breweries from old stand bys like Founder's and Brewery Vivant to new upstarts like Creston and City Built, you're never more than a few blocks from quality brews. And soon you'll be using phrases like 'notes of oak barrel flavoring' to 'hoppy, but not to the point of being bitter' and your old friends will wonder what happened to the guy who swilled Coor's Light.

  • Cheshire/Jojo Girard TSM
    Cheshire/Jojo Girard TSM

    The Choice Of Great Neighborhoods To Live In Is Too Long

    From long time favorites like Eastown and Belknap Lookout to emerging communities like Cheshire and Alger Heights, you'll find the choices are many if you want to be a city dweller. Those who like the burbs will find an equally tough choice with old school classics like East GR and Forest Hills now competing with hot growth zips like Caledonia and Cedar Springs. Even Downtown has a ton of living space.

  • olaser, ThinkStock
    olaser, ThinkStock

    All Those Bicyclists Using Those Bike Lanes!

    Grand Rapids offers over 80 miles of bike lanes, making urban bike commutes easy from any part of town. If you can't beat them, join them!

  • Dan Harland/WZZM-13
    Dan Harland/WZZM-13

    Our Sports Teams Aren't Major League

    Sorry, but there's no major league sports in Grand Rapids, instead you're left with minor league teams like the Whitecaps (baseball) and the Griffins (hockey), which means ticket prices are affordable, and championships occur more regularly. Three times in the past five years, to be precise. Who wants to deal with things like five bucks a ticket, and people parading trophies around town?

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    There's Always Something Noisy Going On Downtown

    If you're searching for a quiet and sleepy downtown, don't come here. Grand Rapids always has something noisy going on, like the happy polka music from the Polish Festival to weekly concerts at Rosa Parks Circle. And God forbid, they may actually invite you to take part in things like swing dancing or yoga. Even in the winter, there's noisy stuff like ice skating going on.

  • ArtPrize mural/Jojo girard TSM
    ArtPrize mural/Jojo girard TSM

    You'll Be Exposed To Art

    You can't help but see ART in Grand Rapids. Even if you split town during the three week long ArtPrize competition which covers the entire city, the murals and street art will catch your eyes. You can't avoid it. From the GRAM's hand on programs to Kendall's adult art programs, to the UICA's eclectic exhibits and films out to Meijer Gardens' outstanding sculptures, you'll never get out without culture jumping on you.

  • Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media

    The People Seem To Be Happy All The Time

    What's more annoying than helpful and happy people? Grand Rapids has way too many of those. Need directions? Ask anyone, they'll help you out. New to town and want the lay of the land? Ask your co-workers, they'll probably take you to their favorite places. I'm sure if you search hard enough, you'll find some cranky pants people. Good luck.

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