The retro web site Abakus Place has published a group of photos from downtown Grand Rapids in the 1970s.

Did we REALLY drive cars that big?

This is a great look back to a time long ago. Not only are there giant cars parked outside a downtown business (remember 'Art and Design Center'?), but also have some great shots of Festival in its early years.

The shots came from this GR Flickr page, creed_400.

Also included in the photos --

-- Fishermen trying to bag some steelhead near the 6th Street dam (which seems much higher than it is now).

-- An unidentified building being torn down.

-- A fleet of semi-trucks.

-- A shot looking west from Belknap hill.

-- A foggy Sixth Street Bridge

-- More giant cars parked downtown. (Is that a Buick Regal?) And judging from these, parking has ALWAYS been a problem downtown.


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