Clearly our method for choosing Mega Million and Powerball numbers isn't working out.  I used to pick my numbers based upon the sports uniform numbers I've worn.  16, 30 for hockey, etc.  After a good 20 years, it wasn't very successful.   Now when I play I just go with the computer-pick.   My only thing is to buy the tickets far from my house.  That way when I win no one will equate me with the winner from some far flung place, like Morley.  Still doesn't work but a guy can dream.

Did you hear about the winners who used numbers from the t.v. show LOST?   I've never seen the show, but was there someone named Hurley in the show?  Over 9 thousand people played Hurley's numbers from last week's 390 million dollar draw which matched four.  Each won $150 bucks.  Who says t.v. doesn't make you richer.