An 11-year-old boy is taking a stand against cyber-bullies in a new video he recently posted on YouTube.

I found this story on the Huffington Post, about Logan Fairbanks, who created a series of videos posted by his father. He does this because he is a victim of cyber bullying, and hopes that he might be able to help other kids who are victims, as well. The sad part is, routinely he puts up with a barrage of hurtful comments each time his dad posts another video. Take a look.




The video is sad, the comments are hurtful, but Logan is a courageous boy who is going to help a lot of kids going through the same thing.

His father, Josh, couldn't be prouder. He says, "Logan asked me to do this. As his dad, I was very hesitant but he insisted that if there was a chance it could help someone then why not face his online bullies and try. I hope one day I have as much courage as he does."

Logan is an awesome young man.