The "Blue Bridge" in downtown Grand Rapids has become a landmark in the city because of it's color...but that color could soon change.

The Blue Bridge will be repainted next year.  The color has yet to be determined.

What color should the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids be repainted?

The "Blue Bridge" is officially named the Indiana Railroad Bridge.  It was constructed in 1868.  The blue colored paint is rumored to be a primer coat.

The future color and lighting of the blue bridge will be discussed on December 11.

The Downtown Development Authority in Grand Rapids is holding a pair of public meetings on Tuesday, December 11.  The meetings will help determine what color downtown's "Blue Bridge" should be repainted next year.

The meetings will take place at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in the Overlook Room on the 3rd floor.  The first meeting is at 9:00am.  The second meeting is at 7:00pm.  Learn more about the meetings here.

My vote goes for Calder red.  As Grand Rapids' support of the arts continues to grow, it makes sense to paint the bridge this striking color to match our city's most famous sculpture.

But nothing wrong with keeping it the same blue color either.

Painting the Blue Bridge a neutral color, which can be accented with specially colored lights to match the season throughout the year, may be most practical.  But my vote is for Calder red.