It's "Wet Nose Wednesday" and another 'furry' critter visiting the radio show.

Today, it's Macie, the Pit-Bull, mix.  Macie would make the right family a wonderful addition.

I know what you're saying, not a Pit Bull, they're dangerous.  But Jen, from the Humane Society says they do get a bum rap and the Humane Society of West Michigan will be happy to help you through the process of adopting Macie.  She is one and one half years old, and is trained.

Hey, Mom and Dad, would you like a night out, without the kids?  The Humane Society can help with their "Furry-Friday-Films."  For four hours on a Friday night, your kids will stay at the Humane Society, work and play with many different pets, have pizza and drinks and watch a great movie, with animals, of course.

If your interested, and for more information, just follow my Furry-Friday-Films link here.