It's GR Beer Week!

Time to celebrate with a cold drink.

Which Grand Rapids brewery is your favorite?

GR Beer Week runs through Saturday, February 23.

The bad news, it's almost over.  The good news, once it's over we have 51 weeks to practice for next year!

Grand Rapids has become very well known for our great breweries.  Casual beer fans have noticed, so have those who work in the industry.  Grand Rapids will host a national beer conference in 2014.

With so many excellent breweries in Grand Rapids, it's easy to find a great drink.  Even when a big local favorite disappears for a while.

An abundance of excellent breweries make it easy to find a great drink in Grand Rapids, but hard to pick a favorite brewery.

There are a few finalists on my list of favorite breweries in Grand Rapids, but one comes out on top.  Brewery Vivant.

Brewery Vivant makes great brews, but it's their annual Wood Aged Beer Fest that puts them over the top.  Rare beers and Belgian sours are flowing over that magical weekend.

You may occasionally find a Belgian sour as the "Wood Aged Beer of the Day" and tentative plans have been announced to release canned sours this year, but nothing beats the Wood Aged Beer Fest at Brewery Vivant.