Dr. Jackson Katz

Several times a year I have the honor of hosting events around West Michigan.  I'm asked to emcee events for select non-profits and other companies and organizations.

Last night I was in Holland at the Mid-Towne Center for the Center for Women in Transition. It was a wonderful fund raiser for an organization that provides shelter, counceling and other services to women in, and coming from, an abusive relationship.

Dr. Jackson Katz, educator, filmmaker, lecturer and author, internationally recognized for his work in gender violence and bullying prevention education was the featured speaker.  His talk last night mainly focused on his first book, The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help.

He was entertaining, dynamic and eye opening.

I was so impressed that I'm going to link you up with one of his videos in hopes that some RIVER 100.5 listeners will watch and learn.  That means you, GUYS!  I really want men to connect because it's "us guys" that need the help, knowledge and understanding of the existing problem in violence to women.  It's incredibly good.  Play it for not only yourself but your sons, your team, anyone you think that this would reach.  It's THAT important!