ArtPrize artists have begun to register and connect with ArtPrize venues for this fall's competition.

We're still months away from enjoying the work of hundreds of ArtPrize artists, but we know a couple of past favorites who will not be returning to this year's event.






Mike Simi is the artist behind last year's popular entry "Mr. Weekend".  "Mr. Weekend" received a wide variety of reactions and was popular with the public and with art critics.  The entry was named to the ArtPrize shortlist in the categories of "Three-Dimensional" and "Time/Performance-based".

It didn't win either, leaving Mike Simi eligible to return in 2013.  ArtPrize rules state:

...all winners of the top ten prizes and the juried awards of ArtPrize 2012 may not enter ArtPrize 2013 either as a solo Artist or a Collaborative Artist.

Unfortunately for fans, Mike Simi has decided not to return this year.  But it's not all bad news.  I asked Simi if he was planning to return to ArtPrize, he said:

Not this year. But soon. Very soon.

Next year?  Let's hope.


Young Kim is another popular ArtPrize artist.  His entry, "Salt & Earth (2009)" was very popular the opening year of ArtPrize.  It won a surprise $5,000 award.

Kim returned in 2010 with an entry at GRAM.  He finished 8th overall.

I contacted Kim to ask if he would be returning to ArtPrize this year.  Kim said:

It was wonderful and interesting experience being part of the first two years of ArtPrize. I've been keeping track of how this event has been growing and evolving since my
last participation, with great interest. I'm not planing to participate in
ArtPrize, but hope to see even more compelling and challenging works in
the upcoming event.

Both of these artists make my list of all-time favorites at ArtPrize.  It's disappointing that they won't be returning this year, but it will be fun to discover many more favorites this fall.

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