ArtPrize teaches us that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder.  So is the humor.

Mr. Weekend is a 15-foot-tall talking sock puppet.  He talks about not liking his job, getting put back into a crate after ArtPrize, and a variety of topics for about 5 minutes.  Reactions to Mr. Weekend vary widely.

Is Mr. Weekend funny, sad, or both?




Mike Simi's "Mr. Weekend" was named to the "short list" of two separate jurors.  It was named as a top five 3-D entry and a top 5 time-based entry.  A lot of people are visiting Mr. Weekend.

When I visited Mr. Weekend on Wednesday night, I witnessed multiple reactions in just a few minutes:

  • a couple who was sitting and laughing hysterically at Mr. Weekend's comments
  • a woman who was trying to carry on a conversation with Mr. Weekend by talking back to him
  • people staring blankly with smiles on their faces
  • people staring blankly with looks of concern

The fact that Mr. Weekend gets such strong reactions helps to show how good of a piece of art it is.

Being named on two jurors' lists brought instant attention to Mr. Weekend.  Not that it needed a lot of help.  It was already in the Top 100 for overall vote.  If Mr. Weekend can gain enough momentum and votes to crack the Top 10 by 11:59pm on Saturday night, it stands a good chance at a very strong finish.

We'll know more soon.  The Top 10 will be announced Sunday, September 30 at 1:00pm at Rosa Parks Circle.