There was a pretty cool event at GVSU this weekend.  Fifty-two sets of student twins plus 12 sets of alumni twins may set a world record, and it certainly set a mood for a festive, family celebration April 6 at Grand Valley

University Communications and Alumni Relations hosted an event for current students who are twins and alumni twins. There are 101 sets of twins enrolled at Grand Valley, more than half came to the event. That has to be a record, right? 

Laine and Leah Girard, from Eastpointe, Mich., said it was cool to see so many twins in one place. “We thought we were the only ones, we didn’t think there were that many twins here,” Laine Girard said. The sisters will graduate in April; Laine with a marketing degree and Leah with a physical education degree. They said their relationship was similar to a marriage. “People don’t understand the connection we have to each other,” Leah said. “We work hard on nurturing our relationship.”

Courtesy: Grand Valley State University

I totally get it, as I'm a twin, too. My brother Al and I went to college together as well, Ball State, and we've always had that "connection" that is impossible to explain.  Even though he's living in Indiana, when we do talk, we can pick up a conversation in mid-sentence.  We'll even start laughing at each others jokes before the punch line is finished.

Leslie and Natalie McComb, from Lansing, may not dress alike anymore but they couldn’t fathom attending different colleges. “We considered going to different colleges, but my mom said we would miss each other too much,” Leslie McComb said. As young girls, Leslie and Natalie dressed in the same style of outfits but Leslie was always in pink while Natalie wore blue. The sisters said they played the same sports and had the same friends during high school.

Dan and Tom Hosford graduated from Grand Valley in 2002 and 2003, respectively. They both played football for the Lakers’ first national championship team in 2002. Dan Hosford said that he and his brother felt very lucky to attend Grand Valley together, continuing the legacy set by their father, Jamie Hosford, who earned 12 varsity letters during his Laker years (1973-1977). Jamie Hosford died March 4 after a battle with cancer.