If you've ever listened to me, even once, you already know what an animal lover I am.  I have had dogs for most of my life or at least up till about 10 years ago.

My fiance, Ron Baptist, and I received a call from his daughter in New Hampshire.  She was in tears saying her mom's new husband hated cats and was going to take her beloved "Spookie" to a vet to have her destroyed.  Ron and I got in the car, and drove 13 hours to get little "Spook".

It is because of "Spookie" that I have become the cat lover that I am.  Thus all the work I have been doing with Crash's Landing for the last 7 years.

I am starting a new feature called "Purrrfect Friday's", where each Friday I will feature a new kitty that is looking to be adopted into a loving and caring home.

This week's kitty from Crash's Landing is "Drizella".  Dr. Jen Petrovich from Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic shares Drizella's story...

For more Crash Kitties looking for a beautiful furrrever home please visit Crash's Landing. ps This is a little something that is kind of cool....whenever you adopt from Crash's Landing if your circumstances change and you can no longer keep your kitty you can ALWAYS return them to Crash's Landing...No Questions Asked!