The joys of parenthood.  I remember the Rent girls when they were younger.  Once in the bathroom, watch out.  It seemed like days before they came out. Now...just you wait. It could take months. Seriously, the Kohler Company has outdone themselves with  the  Numi, a brand-new toilet with every possible amenity you'd ever need.

Plumbing company Kohler invented the sophisticated, high-tech toilet and it's definitely a porcelain throne fit for royalty.

Notable features -- all operated by a touch-screen remote -- include lifting the seat without touching it, a warmed seat and warmed foot rest, a fragrance of your choice emitted into the air and a hush-hush flush.

The toilet also comes equipped with speakers, so you can listen to your favorite jams, and a tri-pressure bidet and air dryer for a clean escape.

Such a luxury can be yours for the handsome price of only $6,390.