It's that time of year again: Take Your Dog to Work Day is Friday. Started in 1999, this work holiday is gaining traction because of the many benefits. Pets in the office can lessen absenteeism and improve the relationship between managers and employees, according to research by the American Pet Products Manufactures Association.

Many dogs are suffering from anxiety. More than 40-percent of those taking part in the "The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Survey" say they either have, or have had a dog with fear and anxiety issues. Seven out of ten dog owners don't think it's necessary to address the problem, but 46-percent take steps in an attempt to comfort Fido. Loud noises are the most common anxiety triggers for dogs, with 86-percent saying their dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and 74-percent adding that fireworks upset their pups. Owners also know when their dogs are having problems. Eighty-two-percent report that their dog shakes, trembles, and cowers during an anxiety attack. Three-quarters say their dogs hide, and 69-percent say their dogs become restless when they're afraid.

Nearly 30-percent don't think there's a viable remedy for their dog's anxiety. Among the owners who take action to calm their dog's nerves, the most popular strategies include medication, training, and avoiding the situations they know make their dog nervous. Thirteen-percent say addressing the situation is too expensive. Dog anxiety does cost a lot of money. People with anxious dogs reportedly spend more than one-billion-dollars each year, which includes over 240-million-dollars going toward replacing or repairing property damaged by their dogs during an anxiety attack.