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Improve Your Smart Phone Pictures for Free
We all take pictures with our smart phones these day, don't we.  The phones themselves are getting better and better, and the cameras included in the phones are able to shoot some pretty remarkable pictures.
10,000 iPhones Play iPhone Dominoe (video)
Have you ever set up rows of dominoes in cool patterns, then started the "fall" going to watch them go down one at a time?  Fun wasn't it.
There have been so many contests to see who could create the best and some unbelievable creations.
iPhone 5 Shattered? Nope…Just a Prank, but a Good One! (video)
Prank videos seem to be a dime-a-dozen.  People are always trying to put one over on someone.
The old Candid Camera TV show was probably the first to go big time with it, and did we ever laugh.
As prank videos go, this one is pretty good because it's so timely.  Come on, how many of you…