Oliver the Bunny Visits for Wet Nose Wednesday [Sponsored]
Oliver the bunny came by 100.5 The River to visit Andy Rent's "Andy in the Morning" show for Wet Nose Wednesday.
She -- yes, Oliver is a she -- is a 6-month old lion-head rabbit. Ashley, of the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought in Oliver in because she is looking for a g…
Meet Thumper From the Humane Society of West Michigan
Thumper came hopping into our studios today.  It was Wet Nose Wednesday on Andy in the Morning.
Thumper is a one and one-half year old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit, and is the sweetest little bunny.  Little is correct, as this breed is a bit smaller than some others...
15 Signs Your Pet Is an Introvert
You think you know your pet, but do you *know* your pet? Would you, for example, say your guinea pig is a Betty or a Veronica? What's your iguana's opinion on repealing the Glass-Steagall Act? Most importantly, DO YOU EVEN KNOW YOUR FERRET'S MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE????!! Is your…

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