Andy Rent At Family Fare For Fat Tuesday [Photos]
Every year, Andy Rent goes out on the road to do his show live from the Family Fare on Lake Michigan Drive for Fat Tuesday! This year was no different and Andy had a great time hanging out, eating paczki, and enjoying all things Fat Tuesday. Check out some photos from the fun after the jump!
Fat Tuesday and Paczki – Yum!
I had such a great time yesterday, Tuesday,  taking the radio show on the road to the Family Fare store on Lake Michigan and Collindale, NW for Fat Tuesday.  It's tradition for us to broadcast there as hundreds of folks come to pick up the Paczki.
To Paczki Or Not To Paczki? That Is The Question.
I have an emotional attachment to Paczki, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to eat one today.  Don't get me wrong,  "the Polish donuts" are tasty, but they pack the equivalent of an entire day's calories.  Back in the day my grandmother, or "Bushie" or we called her , m…