The Intern Can Take Home the Gold
Big-time fun is coming to downtown Grand Rapids this Thursday, June 20th.  But, it's not for everyone, just for interns!
Yes, the lowly intern, the do everything for everybody person, hoping to pick up experience and contacts to grab their first job.
Were Team USA’s Gray Olympic Uniforms Unpatriotic?
There were many team uniforms that stood out at the Olympics.  The Russian warmup jackets were impossible to miss and many other countries stood out with their bright colors.
The United States jackets that were worn on the medal podium stood out too.  They stood out because they weren't bright and th…
Russian Olympic Jackets – Awesome Or Awful?
The Olympics are all about bringing the world together to celebrate sports and competition.  But sometimes there are distractions.
Politics and performance enhancing drugs occasionally create issues at the Games, but sometimes the distraction is something a little less serious...like a jacket.
The Rus…
Is Michael Phelps The Greatest Olympic Athlete Of All Time?
Michael Phelps has made Olympic history.
Phelps' total of 22 medals is the most anyone has ever won and has many talking about where he ranks among the all-time Olympic greats.
Phelps has finished the 2012 Olympic Games with 6 medals, 4 gold and 2 silver.  That gives Phelps 18 gold medals over his Oly…
GVSU Alum Sarah Zelenka Misses Bronze Medal By 0.2 Seconds
GVSU graduate Sarah Zelenka and her teammate Sara Hendershot finished in fourth place in the women's rowing pairs final at the Olympics in England on Wednesday.
Zelenka and Hendershot were in second place until both New Zealand and Austrialia passed them at the end.  The Americans fini…