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Big Bird and Friends do Summertime [Video]
It's time for some Summertime fun with Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends.
This is a really fun video as we take you back to 1991. Remember 1991? Anyway, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince had a big hit with "Summertime."
A Music Video Celebrates Snow Days! [VIDEO]
Yesterday, I had a video for you about creative ways to announce school is closed due to snow.  Boy, have we had a lot of those days.
Well, today, here's a North Carolina family that made a music video about something many families in America have been dealing with this winter -- snow days.
Adele Is The Newest Music Sensation
Here's a little fun for's a River 100.5 music update.
Adele is one of the new artists we're playing on the River 100.5.  And, we seem to be getting more and more comments, praise and requests for her music. Several listeners, just this morning have said they just bought …