Michigan Man Attempted 680 Mile Motorcycle Ride with No Hands [Video]
Phil Comar, a Michigan man, attempted to break his own world record for longest motorcycle journey without using his hands.
WMMT reports Comar began the 680 mile Sunday morning at the Ohio border. From there, travelled to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, then north to the Mackinac Bridge…
Dog Takes Motorcycle Ride in his own Trailer [Video]
We have all taken our dogs for rides with us. I know our dog, Riley, loves to go anywhere we go. He happily hops in the back seat of the car, and off we go.
This guy does it a little differently because he doesn't use a car. He uses his motorcycle.
Grand Rapids Christmas Season 2013 [Photos]
Christmas of 2013 will be a memorable one for Grand Rapids.
Heavy snow and ice led to power outages for many.
The weather created opportunities for winter activities like skiing and sledding, plus a few less traditional activities, like dogs riding in motorcycle sidecars.