Apple Fixes Software Bug In New iPhone
Apple has released a revised version of its new iOS operating system to fix the bugs that have had some iPhone 6 users unable to use their phones properly.
iOS 8.0.2 came on Friday after Apple withdrew a software update following widely reported issues that left some unable to use their phone.
Improve Your Smart Phone Pictures for Free
We all take pictures with our smart phones these day, don't we.  The phones themselves are getting better and better, and the cameras included in the phones are able to shoot some pretty remarkable pictures.
Do You Have A New Baby? There’s An App For that!
My wife and I are out of the baby business.  After 7 kids, mine and ours, we've 'been-there/done-that."
Now, our 'kids' are having their own kids, and it is fun to watch them go through the same things we went through.  Except, today, young parents have so many …

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