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Hurricane Sandy Creates Huge Waves On Lake Michigan [Videos]
Hurricane Sandy has left millions without power and caused billions of dollars of damage.
It's effect were felt across the entire  eastern side of our country.
In West Michigan, Sandy may be most remembered for creating some spectacular waves on Lake Michigan.
Take a look at the unforgettable…
Hurricane Sandy Floods Battery Park Tunnel In NYC
So many videos coming from the East Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  There are many you've already seen, like the crane dangling 90 stories up or the wide-angle shots of Manhattan's darkened skyline.  But there are some I'm finding that haven't been covered a…
Transformer In Manhattan Explodes During Hurricane Sandy
There are so many videos being shared of the devastation on the East Coast.  The flooding, everywhere.  The damage to homes, buildings and the Atlantic City Boardwalk.  Neighborhoods under water.  Cabs under water.  It's almost beyond comprehension.
Hurricane Sandy Photos – The Amazing Moments You Have to See
As predicted, Hurricane Sandy created one crazy night. Millions without power, explosions, flooding and at least 18 people dead. Don't let your braggedy friends on Facebook convince you this wasn't a big deal. It was crazy. Here are some pics to sum up what happened. Feel free to share you…
Hurricane Sandy’s Effect On West Michigan
Hurricane Sandy is having an effect on every state east of the Mississippi River.
Hurricane Sandy is responsible for major flooding, winds over 80 mph in multiple states, power outages for at least 9 million people, and blizzard conditions.
What is Sandy's impact on West Michigan?