Seventy Credit Card Skimmers Found in Michigan in Past Year
It seems at least once a month a new credit card skimmer is uncovered at a Michigan gas station.
The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced they have discovered and removed seventy skimmers across the state in the past year, WZZM-13 reports.
Cheapest Gas In The Country Is In West Michigan
If you're looking for cheap gas, look no further than Greenville! says that the cheapest fuel prices in the nation are in Greenville, where gas was only $2.55 per gallon for regular unleaded Monday morning.
Exciting News – Gas Prices are Falling
Like autumn leaves, gasoline prices are falling.
It's been subtle, but have you noticed regular unleaded gas now averages $3.46 a gallon? That's the lowest national average since January, and 35 cents less than year-ago levels. Prices are expected to drop another 20 to 25 cents in the comin…
Gas Prices Going Up Again As Subsidy Ends
What is this news about the subsidy ending?  Usually we see gas prices rising because of something has has happened in the gulf or because the price of a barrel of oil has risen.  This time, it's something different.  This gas hike is happening because congress declined to renew …
Gas Prices Did Indeed Rise On Wednesday As Un-Predicted
Difficult to keep up with gas prices isn't it?  Just a few days ago we received word that the price of gas had stabilized and would be affordable through the Memorial Day Weekend.  Nothing but lies, I tell you!  As of yesterday they started inching up...
A Story Grand Rapids Is Sure To Hate
Happy to see gas prices coming down. Can you believe we are happy with $3.90 gas. There are those who say the government isn't doing all it can to bring prices down because higher pump prices mean more gas tax money to Lansing. I don't know if that is true...
Running Out Of Gas In Grand Rapids
Have you ever ran out of gas? AAA reports an 18% increase since March in roadside calls for drivers who have run out of gas. Sadly, I have drained the tank twice in the past couple years. Once on my way to hockey practice with two players in the car...

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