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Pooping Baby Faces in Slow Motion are way too Cute [Video]
This is way too cute.
Pampers created a commercial with babies. Okay, that's pretty natural, babies and pampers go together. But, this one has a super cute twist. The babies just happen to be going poo-poo in their Pampers, and Pampers caught it all in slow motion.
Cutest Dog Video Ever [Video]
Cuteness alert! Buzzfeed got this video of dogs. That sounds cute enough, but this out does them all, as I introduce "Dogs Who Lost the Fight Against Sleep."
How NOT to cut a Watermelon [Video]
How was your 4th of July celebration? Fun I hope, and full of good food. Too much food, I'm sure, but good non-the less. Did you have watermelon? Was it easy to cut?

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