West Michigan Earthquake Strikes During Pastor’s Nepal Relief Sermon
Where were you around 12:25p.m. Saturday? Did you feel a weird rumbling/ quaking?
I've heard some interesting tales of what people thought it was-- a car accident, odd thunder on an otherwise gorgeous and sunny day, houseguests wrestling in another room (this comes from my little brother who's 24, fo…
5.1 Magnitude Earthquake In Los Angeles Friday Night
An earthquake near LA on Friday night.
Reports of out of California tonight that a series of earthquakes, the strongest at 5.1, struck near Los Angeles at 9:09pm California time (12:09am Saturday in Michigan).
The US Geological Survey says the 5...
WZZM Talks Earthquake Impact [Video]
Virginia's earthquake was felt 650 miles away in West Michigan!
Just before two o'clock yesterday afternoon, if your desk shook or your feet felt like they were moving, but you weren't going anywhere, you experienced a tremor -- it was not your imagination.
Everyone at The River is talk…
There Is Always That Miracle That Comes Out Of Tragedy
These stories of survival have sparked renewed hope and energy into the hearts of Japan's rescuers and heroes.  In a coastal town, buried under wood, slate, glass and rock two survivors were found alive, 7 days after the tragedy.  A 4 month old little girl and a 70 year old woman…
Google Crisis Response For Japan
If you have family, friends or co-workers who were in Japan during the 8.9-9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit on March 11th, with the tsunami that quickly followed; here is all the contact info that you'll need.  Also listed are the ways you can help and what you can do...

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