This is a Creepy Crawly Salad [Video]
We all buy prepackaged salad sometimes, right? And you check it out when you open the bag, right? You rinse it, toss it, making sure it's okay, right? Not always. But it's a good thing this lady looked at the bag carefully before she opened it.
Watch Frosty The Snow Goat Take His First Steps With a Wheelchair
Well this is awesome. This little goat's name is Frosty (The Snow Goat), and he's being cared for by the folks at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia.
When Frosty came to the sanctuary, he was suffering from a debilitating disease and was full of infection. Because of that…
Cast of Anchorman 2 Sings “Afternoon Delight” (video)
I can't wait for Anchorman 2 to hit the theaters.  Being in the business, I really related...too funny!  So, hopefully, number 2 is equally so.
The film has already been released in Australia, and much to the surprise of the audience, the stars of Anchorman 2 showed up at the movie&apo…