With the dogs and cats that I have adopted over the years I never much cared about the way they looked.  When I'm ready to adopt I call the shelter and say, "Pick out the dog or cat that needs a home the most."  Monte, my little Crash's Landing kitty was in the shelter for over a year.  he is such a little love bug!

But I am learning lots of people do care what the dog or cat looks like.  They think they have to be cute.  It helps if they look friendly and animated too.  I guess a lot of people are still pretty superficial about those things.

The shelters are trying to get the population of throw away pets adopted into loving, permanent, homes.  The best way to do that, I suppose, is to play up to the public's desire to have an attractive animal.

Shelters are "glamming" up their pets a bit!  Take a look at this new trend...