Team USA is hungry for gold and yogurt, but Russia is not allowing a shipment of 5,000 cups of Chobani yogurt into the country.

As the best athletes in the world gather for the Olympics, one of our first views is of bureaucracy at it's finest.

Chobani and US officials say they have filed all paperwork necessary to bring the shipment of yogurt into the country.

Russia disagrees.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

A shipment of Chobani yogurt headed for the athletes in Sochi has been blocked.

Russia doesn't allow in any American yogurt in due to its issues with American dairy standards. U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer has launched a campaign to free the yogurt and has written to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and head of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach.

The Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. is claiming in a statement, that the necessary paperwork, which includes a veterinary certificate used for the importation of all dairy products from cattle, was not filed.

Here's hoping this is the biggest controversy of the Sochi Olympics.

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