We were talking about baseball parks yesterday ( did you see the list of best minor league parks on my post? ) I mentioned Tiger Stadium.  Today, I got thinking about Olympia Stadium, the former home of the Detroit Red Wings.  Like most old buildings, Olympia had lots of cool quirks.  The dressing rooms were across the hall beneath the stands.  In other words, you could go to the concourse and watch the players walk by.   You could see your heroes up close and sometimes they would even say something back to you....in a good way.

Maybe the coolest thing at Olympia Stadium was the escalator that ran from the first floor to the top of the east end balcony.  Clearly the longest escalator I'd ever seen...at least eight stories high.  Start of the game the escalator went up.  It went down afterward.  During the game it was stopped.   Us kids would run to the top, lay on our sides on the aluminum portion next to the rubber hand rail and then slide all the way down.  Stupid, maybe.  Dangerous, hell yes.  Fun -- absolutely.    Come on, I was 12.   I got thinking about it today when I saw these shots of stupid escalator tricks.