I don't know if this Super Bowl commercial got as much "press" as the Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial, but it certainly was my 'next' favorite.  It's just too good.  Take a look.

The commercial was a hit on the Web, already receiving 165,000 views on YouTube. The ad is for the benefit of Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). Fans are asked to head to the Bud Light Facebook page, where for every "like" the page receives, a dollar will be donated to the charity, up to $250,000. So far, the page has collected 24,000 Likes.

Many viewers asked if  Weego was a professional canine actor playing a rescue pooch. But amazingly, the fluffy mixed breed was really and truly saved from a California shelter by a dog trainer. The ad marks Weego's (real name Nugget) acting debut. And, I humbly say, a star is born.

Weego's appearance at the Super Bowl has made a huge diffference. It helps everybody understand what ARF does and what other shelters do, because there are dogs out there that need a second chance.

Why don't you help, too.  Go to the Bud Light Facebook page and 'Like' it.