Michigan's vineyards and wine industry are growing up.  Actually, they have grown up, but they're  now beginning to gain some national attention.  It's nothing that we didn't already know, having traveled to northern Michigan so many times, and sampled so many fine wines.  And, to be fair since I seem to focus on Northern Michigan, we can't forget Southeast Michigan.  There are many fine winery's there, too.

I was thrilled to read in USA Today this week, that sommelier Andrew Stover of Vino50 Selections had a very complimentary review of a Michigan wine.  In his article he says  "Growth in the U.S. wine industry is not just in California, but in other regions like Texas, Virginia and Michigan.  The craft wines I sample from emerging regions like Arizona, Idaho or Michigan are often every bit as good as their California counterparts."

He reviewed Left Foot Charley's Pinot Blanc, and said, "This is one of my favorite whites from Michigan."  I love the depth of flavors and texture." Not a limp white, it's bright and fruit-driven, with notes of pineapple, apricot and citrus peel.

Congrats Left Foot Charley!  I guess I'd better get to John Russo's Wine Warehouse on Kalamazoo and 44th fast.  Hey John...hold the door!