Michigan’s Republican representative Todd Courser resigned early this morning after getting embroiled in an extramarital affair and a bizarre attempt to cover it up.  Rep. Cindy Gamrat, with whom he had the affair was expelled just a few hours later.

Courser decided to give up his seat rather than get booted, following a vote in which 67 members supported expelling him, which is six short of the two-thirds supermajority needed under the state constitution.

"I just felt like it was the appropriate moment to do it," Courser told reporters. "I put everybody through a whole bunch — across the state, my own family, the constituents, the people in this room. ... Whether it was the third vote or the fourth vote or the fifth vote, they were going to eventually get me."

Phil Dawson, WZZM-13

The 43-year-old Courser admitted to sending “outlandish” fake emails claiming he was caught with a male prostitute as a way to cover up his affair with 42-year-old Gamrat. Courser thought the crazy accusations would make allegations of an affair with Gamrut appear less believable. Both Courser and Gamrat, who are socially conservative, have since apologized.