I wish I had my camera with me this past weekend. Dog in the backseat of a club-cab pick-up passing me on 131 had a greatest expression on it's face.... Picture this; dog inside facing backward, head and shoulders sticking out the split window in back -- happy as could be -- a doggie smile for all the passing cars.

Nearly 45-percent of those taking part in a new TripAdvisor poll say they've taken a trip with their pets during the past year, and 47-percent indicate that they're including their pets in the vacation plans they're making for the next 12 months. Nearly three-quarters believe their animals "travel well." In addition, 36-percent say they "always" enjoy bringing their pets with them on trips, and 41-percent note traveling with Fido and Fluffy is "often enjoyable." The majority of respondents planning trips with pets say they'll go by car, with 96-percent hitting the road with their animals. Only 12-percent will fly with their pets. Nearly 60-percent will make a pet-friendly hotel their home away from home, while 54-percent plan to stay with family or friends. For 39-percent of those polled, upcoming trips with pets will include a stay at a vacation rental.

Movie-goers everywhere no longer have to worry about timing a quick run to the bathroom in the middle of a film. A new application available at RunPee.com provides users with the best time during a movie to take a personal break. The app also gives people a synopsis of certain moments in the movie, thus catching them up on any details they may have missed. Users can get bathroom break information about new arrivals, as well as films dating back to last year. RunPee.com creator Dan Florio says he decided to create RunPee after suffering through "King Kong" with a full bladder. It took the site a little while to catch on, but Florio says he's now getting more than 30-thousand hits a day.