The 2011 NCAA Tournament begins today, which will have a bit of an impact on some companies. Just over half of the businesses are allowing employees to organize an office betting pool on the games. But only 23-percent of those taking part in an OfficeMax poll say management approves of the practice, while 28-percent admit the pools are allowed, quote, "but the company discourages it." Productivity usually takes a hit during "March Madness" because employees are distracted. According to 55-percent tournament talk takes away from time spent working, and 47-percent say employees are watching games on TV or online instead of focusing on the job. The games actually keep some people away from the office. Roughly 20-percent report that people either leave early to see a game or come in late the morning after a game, while 17-percent say workers have called in sick so they could watch a game. In addition, 18-percent say employees make more mistakes because they're distracted by the games.