Educational strides are being made at Kenowa Hills High School.  They have teamed up with Davenport University to offer students an opportunity to earn a free Associate Degree.

That's right, free!

What a wonderful opportunity for the students at

Kenowa Hills..Beginning in the fall, juniors in the Middle College Program at Kenowa Hills High School will begin taking a course schedule that blends high school courses with Davenport University courses. The students will continue this relationship for their 12th and 13th years of schooling.  At the completion of their 13th year, students will have earned an Associate Degree in addition to their high school diploma.

We hear so much about students not being prepared for the new "working world," that this program really seems like a "no brainer."

Degrees in Business, Technology, and Health will be available to students through the program, and the tuition for the university courses will be paid by Kenowa Hills Public Schools.

Talk about "kick-starting" your career.  These students will really have a jump on higher education and job seekers.

Parents can get information about the program on Thursday, March 22 at 6:00 PM in the Kenowa Hills High School Large Group Instruction Room.

Parents may contact Principal Katie Pennington at 616-784-2400 if you have any questions.