Here's a blast-from-the-past.  The "Great Blizzard of 1978!"

Do you remember?  Were you here?  Were you even born?

All kidding aside, it was just about this time, January 1978, when the snow wouldn't stop.  We don't have much to complain about this year.  It's been unseasonably mild for Michigan, not much snow, and, for the most part, travel has been fine.

Not so 34 years ago.  What a difference!  What a storm!

Our news partner, WZZM 13, reported that the blizzard, which was one of two that year, was one of the most powerful winter storms in Michigan history.

Nearly, everything was just blanketed in snow.  Cars, homes and even some buildings were nearly buried in snow. When it was said and done Grand Rapids got 19 inches of snow.

Unfortunately, about 20 people died as a direct or in-direct result of the storms.

We were snowed in at our house.  I couldn't open the door and had to dig my way out of the house.  I couldn't go to work for four day until we got dug and plowed out.

All roads were impassable for days. The Michigan National Guard was even called out to help stranded drivers and road crews.

Kind of makes the four or five inches we got last week feel like a "dusting", doesn't it.  Be thankful!