It's Friday the 13th.  Are you being extra cautious today?

Many consider today to be unlucky.  Avoid black cats.  Don't walk under ladders.  Then on Friday the 13th, it seems staying home is the safest option.

Is there something to these and other superstitions?  Do you believe in luck?

There are a few superstitions that I participate in.

For one, when watching a baseball game and the pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, you NEVER talk about the fact that the pitcher is pitching a no-hitter (aka a no-no).  Just ask our state's newest celebrity couple, Yoko No-No, and I'm sure they'll confirm.

Another is on the rare occasion that I play the lottery there is one set of number that I always play.  That hasn't worked out so well for me so far.

Not that I really believe these things will work, but it's still fun to play along.  I do believe in lucky streaks and lucky people, but at the same time, I believe that unlucky streaks and unlucky people just average it out over time.