If you don't have a Facebook account, people might think you're nuts. At least that what the UK paper The Daily Mail thinks in an article titled, "Is Not Joining Facebook a Sign You're a Psychopath?"

According to the article, and I'm not making this up, employers, psychologists, and even dating experts say people who avoid social media are "suspicious."  Huh?

Seriously, here is what they say.

  • Psychologist point out that the recent shootings around the world were done by people without Facebook profiles. They note that having a Facebook account has become synonymous with having an active social life. Therefore, those without a social media presence tend to be loners and anti-social.
  • Employers feel that if an applicant isn't on Facebook, it could be an indication that a former account was so full of problem behavior the account had to be deleted.
  • Dating experts say you should be cautious when dating someone without a Facebook profile – as it could be a red flag that he/she is being dishonest or hiding something.

The article also points out that these judgments don't apply to older people.  We are the ones who were already productive, well-adjusted members of society before Facebook and other social media became widespread.

Are the on to something?  What do you think?