Check this out. A video from some guy who needs his head examined.

Not in my lifetime.

I have been pretty lucky, working in the radio business all these years. I have had the chance to do a lot of fun, interesting things. Things I might not have been able to do had I become a, well ....fill in the blank. I've raced elephants and snowmobiles for charity. Traveled a lot, had my own cable t.v. talk show -- Live, from the St. Ignace Big Boy.

Twice I got to broadcast from the very top of the Mackinac Bridge.

Recently, I got to rappel down the rain-slickened side of the Riverfront Condos....27 stories, hanging by a very wet rope...doing live play-by-play with Andy on the radio. I wouldn't do that again. Not as much fun as I thought.

Two summers ago I jumped out of an airplane -- skydiving at 10,000 feet. That, I would do again. A little nerve-wracking, but still a lot of fun.

One thing I would never do -- as much fun as it looks -- is this new thing called Slopeflying. Looks like a guy wearing a Rocky, the flying squirrel outfit.

I'd by Rocky, the flying roadkill.