'Game of Pawns: The Glenn Shriver Story'

The FBI just released a video about a Grand Valley State University graduating who is serving time in federal prison, to warn students studying abroad about the dangers of unknowingly being recruited as a spy.

This isn't an episode of 'Turn' on AMC, this is the real deal.

Glenn Shriver graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2004. As part of his studies prior to graduating he went to China through the school's study abroad program in the summer of 2001.

After Glenn graduated he returned to China to look for work, nearly broke he accepted a job to write political papers. As time went on, Glenn was encouraged to apply for jobs within the U.S. government.

The same people to suggested he apply for these jobs also happened to be people affiliated with the Chinese government. The FBI said Glenn knew this, yet continued to apply for government jobs, and was paid $70,000 to do just that.

Fast forward to 2010 when FBI agents arrested Glenn and accused him of lying to the CIA while trying to get a national security job in Virginia. The feds say he failed to make mention that he traveled to China, met with Chinese intelligence agents, and was paid $70,000.

After making a deal with prosecutors, the FBI says Glenn admitted that the objective was for him to get a job within the U.S. government, in turn giving him access to classified information. He would then send that info to the Chinese, and they would pay him for it.

This is some crazy James Bond/ 'Turn' stuff!

Anyway, back to the story.

The FBI released this video to warn U.S. citizens who study abroad about the dangers of getting caught up in espionage for foreign governments.

Here's the full length video.