Summer grilling....we've been working on using our backyard grill to make pizza. I've watched a few t.v. chefs make pizza on the grill. My attempts have been so-so. I think I'll try stopping by a pizza place for their uncooked crust / dough and give that a try. Any suggestions? I know one thing, big mushrooms have to be on the pizza.

Pepperoni is tops when it comes to pizza toppings. Nearly two-thirds of respondents in a new Boboli Pizza Survey say the spicy salami is what they prefer on their pies. More than half also like mushrooms, which is a favorite of 52-percent. Two out of five like onions on their pizzas, while 37-percent prefer peppers. Spinach is also popular, especially with the under 25 crowd. Nearly 30-percent of those 18 to 24 say they like the leafy green vegetable on their pizzas, along with 17-percent of those 25 and older. But regardless of the toppings, 43-percent say the most important component to a pizza is the crust. Just 21-percent think the toppings are what make the pizza, and 13-percent believe the cheese is the key ingredient.