The movie, "Playback" filmed in Grand Rapids last year, will hit the small screen before the big screen.


The movie, featuring Christian Slater in a supporting role, debuts February 3rd via TV's on-demand services.

The distributor, Magnet, picked up the rights for the film and plans to move it into theaters beginning March 9th.  Hopefully, that means Grand Rapids theaters, too.

The movie stars young, up-and-comers, Ambyr Childers, Toby Hemingway and Johnny Pacar, playing teenagers who uncover a dark secret while re-enacting a legendary murder.  Slaters role is certainly a juicy one.  He plays a sleazy cop.

"Playback" was a low-budget film that shot in multiple locations, East Grand Rapids, Cascade, Forest Hills, as well as Lowell High School, the music store Beat Goes on in downtown G.R. and WZZM 13 TV studios.  That scene should be fun, as my friend Stephanie Webb has a bit part.  Ready for your closeup, Steph?

Can't wait.  It's always fun to see how your town looks on the "big screen."