Most of us have smoke detectors in our homes.  At least I HOPE we all have smoke detectors.  The problem may be that we don't have enough.  One or two won't cut it.  You need more to protect you and your family.

If you live in Grand Rapids, a new survey says almost all Grand Rapids houses do not have enough working smoke detectors.

Feds to the rescue.  Our news partner, WZZM TV13 is reporting that federal dollars to the tune of $244,000, are being granted to the Grand Rapids Fire Department for a safety effort; conducting free, home-safety assessments.

Already, more than 500 have been completed with more than 99% not having enough working smoke detectors (if any at all).

On average, homes need about six or seven smoke alarms

Before the end of this year-long grant, the city hopes to assess 2,000 homes. The assessment includes free installation of smoke detectors, plus advice on possible fire hazards.

Not every neighborhood can be covered, so to see if your neighborhood will be visited, call the Grand Rapids Fire Department at (616) 490-3900.