Since Wednesday is always "Wet Nose Wednesday" on Andy in the Morning, I thought it would be fun to kick off our pet theme Wednesday with CAT VIDEOS! Nothing better, right?

While cats are just busy being cats, they happen to do a heck of a lot of things that we find hilarious. This list of the 10 funniest cat videos cover many of the outlandish predicaments these cute and cuddly felines get themselves into. Cats stuck in jars? Check. Cat facepalms? Check. Cats that have gambling problems? Yes, we have those and more. Jump right into this cat video overload, and let me know what your favorite one is in the comments.

  • Cats Stuck In Jars

  • Cats Vs.Vacuum Cleaners

  • Cats with Gambling Problems

  • Cats Battling Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Cat Facepalms

  • Cats Who Hate Wearing Clothes

  • Cats Massaging Dogs

  • Cats Getting Stuck in Things

  • Cats Falling Into Bathtubs

  • Kittens Riding Around on Things They Shouldn't Be