I am so happy for my friend, Eddie Rucker.  Saturday night, she was named the 2014 William Glenn Trailblazer Honoree at the 32nd Annual Giants Awards.

The annual Giant Awards have twelve (12) categories in addition to the "Giant Among Giants Award". Those who work diligently each year within the community are nominated.

Our news partner, WZZM TV13, was certainly thrilled, as Eddie is the Associate Producer for Take Five and Company.  TV13 reports that individuals or organizations are recognized for exceptional efforts shaping the history and quality of life in the greater Grand Rapids area.

The William Glenn Trailblazer honoree award recognizes people who are the first, and leaders in their particular field. William Glenn was one the first African American workers at a Grand Rapids wartime production factory and was instrumental in getting all GR plants open to hiring African Americans.

Eddie began her West Michigan broadcast career in radio. She has been with WZZM 13 since October, 2001 and is a graduate of Central Michigan University.

Congratulations Eddie!