Peep time is almost here!  You know...Peeps!  Those delectable, yellow, purple, green, or, probably any other color, little chick marshmallow treats we devour by the ton over Easter.

I swear, when my kids were little, they asked where they came from.  I mean, they're not born from a chicken, are they?  Of course not.

They're made in the candy factory and gently hatched to make all children happy over Easter.

If you go online, you can actually find out some interesting 'peep' facts, that is if you don't have anything else to do other than watch paint dry.

Ready?  Here goes.

According to Adriana Velez on, these are the facts.

1. It only takes six minutes to make a Peep.
2. Their eyes are made of edible wax -- not chocolate. (That's disappointing)
3. Two billion Peeps are made a year, 800 million around Easter.
4. After a machine squirts out the white marshmallow chicks (in neat little rows), they get a colored sugar shower.
5. No two Peeps are alike. No one Peeps chick is the same as another.
6. "Irregular" Peeps get squashed up together and then melted into new Peeps. (Okay, now that's disgusting.)

So now you know.  Still going to buy all those peeps?